pick and choose.



I am notorious for being a picker… just let me explain that. One of my worst habits is picking out all of the “good stuff” from cereal and trail mix. My family hates me for it because I will be the first one to open a new granola cereal, just to pick out the big pieces of granola.  I do the same thing for trail mix…I will first pick out the chocolate pieces, then the yogurt covered pieces and then work my way down from the best dried fruits and then leave all the nasty stuff in the bag.  Although everyone probably takes this approach in food picking, I believe that I really am the worst.  


                                 Life is kinda like a big bag of trail mix.

When eating my trail mix, I always start with the best tasting elements (the chocolate and yogurt covered raisins to be exact) work my way to the next best thing (banana chips and pineapple) and then just leave the gross stuff in the bag (like the almonds and dates). I then realized that often times I only want to pick out the “good stuff” in life.  If I had my choice I would only experience the good times where I didn’t have a care in the world and life was just plain enjoyable.   

The funny thing is that while we eat all the “good stuff” first, thats the stuff that provides little to no nutritional value.  Yeah chocolate is one of the best things in the entire world, but if we all just ate chocolate all the time we would probably not be in the best of shape or best of health.  It’s the somewhat “nasty stuff” that does provide us with the nutrients to grow and make us healthier.  Take that into life..while we all want just the good things to happen to us, those good times provide little to no growth in us, they don’t challenge us, make us stronger or allow us to gain new insights.  The bad moments in life, the moments that we would rather “leave in the bag” are the times that allow us to learn, grow and mature.  

Many people wonder why God “gives” us bad times in life and struggles that literally knock the wind out of us..but has anyone stopped to think that these times are actually better for us than the good times? That in those moments of struggle, we can actually be gaining more insight than we could from any good moment in our entire life?  While we should enjoy the good times in life, we should also be aware that the toughest moments are often where the lasting nutritional value is found.  


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