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I read a blog today from neue ministry that stood out to me and  really inspired change in my own life.  I thought I’d share the insights.




“You and every person on the planet desire the same things: love, peace, freedom, fulfillment, purpose, worth and contentment. You and every person on the planet are currently seeking these things in one way or another. Some people seek love through sex, freedom through financial independence, worth through physical appearance and peace through an endless number of ways of escape. Then there are those who seek these things by accomplishing some huge thing for God. Either way, you are depending on the wrong source for your foundational spiritual needs, and it will lead to suffering.

The underlying problem of all the above motivations is that they are tuning in to the wrong frequency to fulfill what you most deeply want in life. Jesus laid out all the essential truth when He said, “The Kingdom of God is within you.” First, Jesus identified the only source for abundant life: the “Kingdom of God.” Then He showed us its location: “within.” Jesus’ point is not that spiritual reality is like a magic ball floating somewhere inside our human body. He’s saying that the frequency for love, peace, freedom and contentment is an immaterial and invisible transmission that exists in an eternal dimension. Jesus wanted people to be aware of this dimension, and to tap into it through an inner awareness, knowing or feeling.

Let’s break this down practically. What is the “Kingdom of God” within you? The “Kingdom of God” within you is the continuous flow of spiritual abundance—love, peace, contentment, freedom, life, worth, beauty, compassion, creativity and fulfillment. None of these attributes are dependent upon circumstances, accomplishments, things, people or anything else outside of you. The source of spiritual abundance is on another frequency—a frequency, by the way, you can tune in to if you choose to. We each have free will to participate in the present reality of the Kingdom of God.

You can be content even if your latest efforts as an innovative leader go nowhere, because your source of contentment is not dependent upon the outcomes of your ministry. You can be at peace if your team abandons you, because your source of peace is not tied to how other people respond. You can live in joyful freedom even if your impact is never recognized, because your source of worth and identity doesn’t fluctuate with the size of your results.

The Kingdom of God within you and you choosing that Kingdom makes “staying inspired” a way of life. An uninspired life or ministry is symptomatic of tuning in to the wrong frequency for the spiritual resources necessary to live and lead with love, wisdom, creativity, compassion and determination.”

-Jim Palmer

To read the whole blog on staying inspired in life and ministry;


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