I am taking a Hebrew Bible course this semester.  The professor showed this video as an introduction to the course. 

Watch it here.

The professor’s point in watching this video? 

This man is just proving the point about how people can take the Bible out of context; strip the words from their historical perspective and literary context, in order to simply prove their own opinion.  

It is absolutely REPULSIVE to me that anyone would use such ignorant statements to attack the Bible, when in fact they are not even looking at the scripture as a whole.  That is one things that truly irritates me; when people attack scripture and make statements against Christianity and yet do not fully know scripture itself or take it from its original meaning and simply place it in their own “fill in the blank” in order to make their point superior!  

I challenge you to fully know and understand what you believe.  Know scripture to your very core, because scripture is your most powerful defense against Satan.  The Word of God is perfect and eternal….so write it on your heart. 


5 thoughts on “REPULSIVE

  1. Laura – I can see why you find this video REPULSIVE – I almost had to turn it off! Interested in how your professor used this in his lecture… what were his thoughts/comments?

  2. He actually was saying how this is a prime example of how people can twist the Bible to say anything they want it to. When you don’t consider the historical perspective of the book or the context of the meaning. He basically disagreed with this guy and encouraged us to make sure we know the Bible and not just take specific parts of it to make it say what we want.

  3. so if you’re supposed to know every part of it, and it’s the enarrent word from God then what about those horrible lines quoted in the movie? I don’t understand.

  4. Steve, I’m not sure what you mean when you ask if it can go both ways. Could you clarify?
    As for your second response, the entire clip is showing how opinions (whether they are right or wrong) can be backed up by any text when specific lines are taken from the text as a whole. This clip isn’t meant to be a “good” clip, it is meant to show the reality of people who actually believe in these horrible ideas! The audience is not meant to believe what he is saying is true, but rather, see his ignorance and misinterpretation of the Bible. I hope this clarified things for you.

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