and with a burning passion.


                It’s what ignites and sparks change.  It’s what spurs us to action.  It’s what makes us tick.

The greatest thing we can do in life is figure out what our passion is…and follow it.  Life is no good when you hide your passion within yourself.  When you don’t follow what you truly love, you will never be 100% fulfilled.

God gives us the passions that we have….

for His people

for His animals

for His world.

God wants us to follow our passions because He is the one that gave them to us.  When we don’t, it’s as if we aren’t being used for our true purpose, we are leaving part of ourselves unused. 

Find out what your passion is.  Find out what you wake up for everyday.  Find out what moves you into action.  Find out hat God created you to do……and do it.


A video clip from Extreme Home Makeover in Buffalo, NY.  Now these people have passion!  Let it inspire you!


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