my story.

I’m listening to the new Donald Miller book, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. Yes I said, listening.  I got the entire book on CD, so everytime I’m in the car I have the chance to brush up on some “reading”.

Click to go to to order the book!

 The entire idea of this book is finding our “story”.  By “story” Miller is talking about our accomplishments and big experiences.  The bigger the accomplishment or more thrilling the experience, the greater story you have.

    At one point Miller quotes a book by Steven Pressfield that he had read about the writing process.  Pressfield says that every person, “faces resistance when trying to create something good…The harder the resistance, the more important the task must be.”  In other words, the things that we MUST do, the things that God finds most important for us to accomplish are also the experiences that have the most opposition and trial.  He then elaborated to say that that resistance is from the evil forces in the world that want us to have a lame story, that don’t want us to accomplish the things that would make our story great. 

 I then started to think about my own life….and my own story.  What experiences do I have in my own life that add to having a great story?  I couldn’t think of any.  I also started to think about looming decisions in my life, like choosing a seminary and whether or not I’m moving to another state.  And thinking, I realized that I was facing so much opposition in these areas, and therefore, it needed to be done.  In order for me to make my story great I have to take a risk, break the resistance and trust that God’s got it all under control.

So what about you…how is your story looking?



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