fight or flight?

Reading Acts can inspire you to take your faith to the next level.  The disciples and new believers had faith like no one else and were fueled by the Holy Spirit in their quest to spread the Word of God. 

In Acts 4 Peter and John are teaching and healing people in the name of Jesus Christ.  The Sadduccees didn’t like this and brought the two men before them and questioned them and their intentions and through what name and power they were accomplishing all that they had.  To make a long story short, they were jailed and threatened to not continue with their ministry and were sent off. 

Now this is where John and Peter astound me.  When they  return to the believers to tell them what happened, their response is incredible.  At this moment they have two options…fight or flight (as we would call it in psychology).  They can either remain strong and continue to fight in their ministry or they can give in to the threats. They choose to fight, not only fight, but push forward!!  They begin to pray together and ask for Christ to do even more in the World and to work in them and through them for His Kingdom.

This makes me think about our own lives.  Everyday we are faced with opposition.  We have people, circumstances and personal struggle that fight to bring us down, that threaten to weaken not only our faith, but the good that we can do in this world.  The believers in Acts show us to not give in to those threats or to not become weak or disheartened by struggle, but to press on, to choose to fight.


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