I asked for it.

At the beginning of the year I asked God to challenge me.  I wanted my faith to grow, I wanted to be in a situation where all I could do was depend on Him, because He was the only true contentment that I would find. 

Boy did He deliver.

So God delivered a trying and challenging year, filled with heartache and heartbreak.  Now I knew what I was doing, so I thought, when I asked God to give me some storms, but God knew even better how I would handle those storms.  It was hard to trust; hard to go to God when I felt so helpless, so useless, so worthless.  I realized quite recently one thing; I asked for it, and I got it, now I have to grow through it. 

See it wasn’t enough for me to know that this was a trying and growing season for me.  It wasn’t enough to know the faith and trust that I had to have. I had to actually have faith and trust that God would see me through the storm. God provided the learning situation that I needed to be in, but it was up to me to take advantage of that situation, to grow in it and embrace the lessons that I could learn. 

What is the God given situation you’ve been put in?

How are you growing in that situation and what lessons do you need to embrace?

Sometimes the most terrifying and challenging times are the moments when God is simply waiting for us to take the steps toward Him. 

Are you taking those steps?

“We must always remember that the path does not produce the change;

it only places us where the change can occur. 

This is the path of disciplined grace.”

~Richard J. Foster


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