The newest series that we are doing at Overdrive (the Middle School program at the Hub) is called “Uploading”.  In this series we are talking about the ways that we communicate with God.

We must:

Set Up. Speak Up. Seek Up.

This week we are discussing the importance of making time for God in our daily lives.  We must Set Up A Time each day to meet with him and we must Set Our Minds Up, meaning we should have a Godly mindset.

The simple concept got me thinking about Jesus and the example that he set for us.  Numerous times throughout scripture you see that he withdrew from the daily commotion, went to a quiet place and prayed.  I can speak for myself and say that very few and far between are the times that I withdraw from the daily grind just to be with God.  I think this concept of separation from people is something that is far too overlooked.  Jesus didn’t just go and pray once, he did it over and over again.  Jesus is setting the example for something that is of major importance.

Each day we need to find the moments to withdraw, to simply be with God. To enjoy his presence, to experience his peace and embrace his love. It’s amazing how much a few moments can impact you daily life.



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