bible band aid.

 We are all guilty at times to let the Bible be our “Spiritual & Emotional Band aids”.  We go to scripture with a need and get a verse that makes us feel better and walk away.  We got what we needed and we feel better, so we can go on with life. 

But I don’t believe that God intended for the Bible to just be our “band aid”.  I don’t think he intended for scripture’s sole purpose was to just  “make us feel better” and then walk away.

I think he meant it to be the source of our life, the center of our souls and the words that push us forward.  We cannot simply do a “grab and go” (while they are uplifting and encouraging in some moments) for all of our spiritual growth.  In order to face life, overcome adversity and build God’s Kingdom, we must live and breathe the Word of God We must read to change; and go beyond the verses that we run to for our “quick fix” to dive into the deepest layers of God’s heart. 

I encourage you the next time you want your “quick fix” or your daily “pick me up”  in scripture to read beyond those verses, to dig deeper and read more closely. 


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