Scripture says,

“I will bless you…and you will be a blessing.”  ~Genesis 12:2

I often think about our purpose in life.

Some think of it as just random chance; that an explosion created living matter and it somehow evolved into humans…

Others think we are just here, just because, and so we are meant to just “live it up” while our time lasts.

It must be senseless and empty to live a life based on that “truth”.

I believe that our life is more than random chance, a mere explosion and creation of living matter.  The God of the Universe created us, and blessed us with his goodness.  And our purpose is to bless others.

As believers in Christ, we have been given the greatest gifts imaginable.  Eternal life, forgiveness of sin and the power of the Holy Spirit.  Other blessings can be counted as well…a nice family, job, house, freedom…

So why aren’t we blessing others as we have been blessed?  Our purpose in life is other people.  Reaching out beyond our selfishness, reaching beyond self centered happiness….our purpose is to bless those who also live on the wonderful world that God himself made.

Today, how will your blessings turn into a blessing toward others?

Who knows…you may change a life.


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