let us just be transparent.

Please let me be transparent for the moment, or rather, let yourself be transparent for the moment.

How often do we feel (as Christ followers) that we have to always be happy?  That we always have to smile and see the positive side of life?  It’s a heavily accepted stereotype that all Christians should only be full of joy, and never feel the whole spectrum of emotions. 

So then it is only expected that when we start to feel angry, sad, lonely, unsatisfied…we cut it off.  We stop ourselves because “we are Christian” and we must be happy. 

Looking at the example of Jesus, he too felt the full range of emotions, from extreme anger to extreme sorrow.  So if we are following his example, we too can feel those emotions.  We just have to let ourselves.

We have to accept our emotions that we feel and be aware of where our mind and heart is.  If you feel sad, let yourself be sad.  If you are lonely, you can feel alone.  It is then how we react to our emotions that make us Christ followers.  When we are angry, we should deal with the anger in a Christlike manner, or if we are lonely, we should seek out God and know that He fills the holes in our hearts. 

As people who love and follow Jesus Christ, learn from his example…it’s okay to be transparent sometimes.  It’s okay to feel emotions!  It’s the moments when we are transparent with what’s going on inside of us that we truly begin to feel God working in our lives.


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