“Our generation promotes a dangerous concept that encourages people to “have faith”.  In this abstract doctrine, faith itself is the pursuit.  It matters little what the faith is based on-it is the act of believing that is important-but this teaching is unbiblical.  Faith is only valid if it is focused on God and what He says He is purposing to do.  Before you call yourself, your family, or your church to exercise faith, be sure you have heard a word from God.” (Experiencing God, Henry Blackaby)

What do you have faith in?  Is it your steady paycheck, your family or friends, your spouse, maybe your career or even your church?  What is it that you turn to for security and peace?

God calls us to have faith in Him, that means turning to Him before we turn to anything else.  Our faith and security should be based on the power and authority of Jesus Christ.  He is the one that controls our lives, our relationships, paycheck, career… so it only makes sense that we go to Him when we are lost, hurting or confused.  Everything else at some point will disappoint us or fail us.  Paychecks will stop coming, people become busy, spouses won’t always understand or have the right words to say, careers will come and go.  But God remains, always and forever.  He will always respond to us the most perfect ways, He will always have time for us and He will never forsake us.

Let your pursuit of faith lie on the firm foundation of Jesus Christ.


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