People wonder all the time why they experience the “lows” in life.  We wonder why God would allow  us to have an awful job that we dread going to everyday or why we don’t even have a job, or why life is just plain horrid. 

But maybe God’s allowance of misery in our lives is for the greater good…for His greater good.

When you think about it, in those moments of pure anguish, sorrow, loneliness, and exhaustion we are at the most empty place we could be in.  We are vulnerable, hollow, in shambles and…..desperate.

When there is nothing else in the world that can please us, fill us, satisfy us, encourage us, or complete us we finally are in the perfect position for God to move, because it’s in that moment of complete humility, where we at last tear down our prideful walls and beg for God to come.

In this world bad situations are inescapable and misfortune is bound to occur at some point or another.  And so, yes, it is important how we react to those situations as they are occuring, but even more so, how we react to what God is doing in us through that situation.

 God knows what is best for our lives, even when it doesn’t seem like it.  Often times, that situation is a vessel for God to bring us closer to Him.  It is in our most empty and tumultuous times where we finally reach complete desperation for our God and creator.


One thought on “desperate.

  1. Hi Laura, This is Linda from the conference. After reading your blog I am wondering why you went the speaking route. You are awesome! Can’t wait to see what God has in store for you.

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