its true to me.

A very wise woman once asked me the question, “what cross do you bear?” 

At first I was taken back, not fully understanding what she was asking. 

She explained that throughout her Christian Education, her professor would constantly ask each person what cross they had to bear.  She too, was utterly dumbfounded by this question and its true meaning.  Finally gathering the strength to challenge her professor, she asked him one day what he meant when posing that question .  He explained that when asking “what cross do you bear?” it is not only reflecting on our realities of life but also pinpointing the burdens in our lives that we face moment by moment.  Jesus’ reality was that he was going to die a brutal death, that his friends would betray and deny him, and that he would be mocked and ridiculed in front of huge crowds of people.  His cross was literally the cross

When asking the question, “what cross do you bear?”, you are asking someone what burdens they face everyday.

You are asking what burdens they have dealt with in the past that now affects their present and future.

It is challenging someone to actually claim their reality.

So often as followers of Christ, and individuals for that matter, we feel as though we must push all of the junk that we experienced out of our minds, as though it happened and we now have to forget that it happened. But I don’t believe that that is what we are called to do.  We must claim our situations, our burdens, our sufferings and our trials because when we claim our reality as cross to bear we begin to use it to bring the greater good in our lives and those around us.  It is when we finally admit our “cross” that we can begin to do something about it.  When we finally accept what our reality looks like and the load that is upon us it brings us to the point of not simply sulking in it, but rising above it; to finally say,

this is my reality, this is truth for me, and this a battle for the Lord.

Jesus’ cross was a tremendous load to bear.  But the burden turned to blessing.

And so can yours.

So now the only question remains,

what cross do you bear?



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