I believe that Christians lose much of their power in the battle for the Kingdom of God here on Earth.  Why?

Too often we say we Love God,

but then we never say that we Hate Satan.

It is fantastic to love God and proclaim that intense emotion.  However, when dealing with Spiritual battles, we cannot limit ourselves to only playing offense.  We stop short of the possible victory because we don’t acknowledge that Satan is out there fighting just as hard to keep us from a Heavenly Victory.  When we only say “I love God” (or otherwise only acknowledge God’s presence in the World) we are completely blindsided when Satan attacks because we don’t acknowledge his presence in the World as well.  We are left yelling to God demanding where he was, when in reality it was just Satan playing his offense. 

As warriors for God’s Kingdom we must be aware of offensive plans from both God and Satan.  We must know that when opposition, discouragement, hardship or negative thinking come, it isn’t the always the absence of God, but the presence of Satan I learned from the very wise Joyce Meyer, that when feeling under attack by the devil we must quickly declare that Satan has no power in God’s Holy Dwelling (us).  Yell it outloud that Jesus Christ has won the Victory and therefore Satan’s offense holds no authority!

As your day unfolds, 

Declare your Love for God, but also Defend against Satan.  Then the Kingdom Victory will always be yours.


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