Over the years, I have noticed the forward thinking Christian trend to describe Christianity as “a relationship” not “religion”. While I have taken part in this trend and do firmly believe that this is a huge step for believers in Christ to begin to see themselves as active participants in a relationship with God and not simply passive lumps that follow a set of God given principles, I am seeing how this creative “definition” of a “Christian” falls extremely short of what this faith is about. 

When we use the term “relationship” I think it means very good things.  It means I can personally interact with God on my own.  It means that this connection between God and myself is only through God and myself and each person’s relationship is completely different than his or her neighbors.  Relationship can be a great way to describe our interaction with God.  I am not debating that.


I feel like relationship falls so short of the life that God has for us.  It fails to give God all the glory that he deserves.  In fact, I believe that it gives us much more glory than we deserve.  By saying relationship, I almost feel like we think we have something to do with the fact that the relationship is there.  As if, somehow we caused it to happen.  Or as most of our human relationships require, we need to give something to get something, we feel like we are giving of ourselves and that’s why God gives himself to us.

I want to offer a new perspective that is beyond “relationship”. 


God is beyond us, he is beyond our relationship with him because HE IS EVERYTHING &  HE IS EVERYWHERE. He is because he is.  That’s it.  He is nature, he is our situation, he is our breath, he is our home.  He is beyond natural comprehension because there is nothing bigger than God and you can never escape him.  What the thinking of GOD IS EVERYTHING gets you is a place in him.  It is no longer about what we give in order to get.  It takes us past the human idea of what a relationship is, because we are no longer part of the causation of that relationship.  God exists not because we did something, God forgives not because we are so wonderful, God loves not because we are perfect.  God exists because he all powerful, God forgives because he is merciful and God loves because he is love.

Instead of thinking that we are part of this God-human relationship, we need to shape our minds around the belief that we are beings within God.  He is everything, and therefore we are part his everything.  Our situations, our lives, our friends, our everything is part of God’s everything.  When we think of ourselves as a major part of who God is, of part of his masterpiece of himself, we begin to take our true place in existence.  Seeing ourselves as a part God’s creation cuts out all of the crap that we need to do something or offer something or being the right person just to maintain proper relations.  It allows us to breathe in the freedom of just being in God.  Of existing with God and seeing his goodness everywhere. 

Let this transform your perspective of life.



One thought on “everything.

  1. Hey Laura!
    I love some of the concepts you’re touching on, and I think you have a great voice that is clear in your writing. I know you’re looking to build your “audience” and I don’t read a lot of blogs, but the ones that I do tell something about that person. I know that your ideas are probably based on things going on in your life, and I’m not saying use your blog as a diary or anything, but putting something of yourself in the “lessons” would help illustrate your points (which are very good!). Don’t know if that helps or not, but keep it up!

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