theory of the half-zies.

I have always prayed for God to transform my thoughts to allow Him to flow through me from my mind to my actions.  I plead for positive, hopeful and uplifting thoughts.  The prayers are always from my heart in deep sincerity to beg God to allow me to think as He does. 

But it wasn’t until yesterday that it truly hit me that I wasn’t holding up my end of the prayer. 

I think that a lot of us pray for God to fill us with His thoughts, heavenly thoughts and to bless us with a Godly mindset, but we never actually want to make the effort to actually change our thoughts ourselves.  I believe that God gives us a spirit of discernment and He allows us to know how to think healthy and Christ-like thoughts.  The one thing that holds us back from actually experiencing this mentality is ourselves.  Colossians 3:2 advises us to,

“Let heaven fill your thoughts.”         Or as another translation says,      ” Set your minds on things above.”

I love how the words let and set are used.  It could have said, God will take away every bad thought and and will grant you the most wonderful thoughts in the world, but it doesn’t.  Instead it says to let heaven fill our thoughts and to set our minds on things above.  Look at the words let and set.  One definition of let is to grant occupancy.  One definition of is to cause to become fixed or hard. We must allow God to occupy our minds and change our thinking and then we must become strong in those Godly thought patterns. I love this command because it clearly places ball back in our court when it comes to transforming our minds. 

Its goes along with the theory of the half-zies.  God goes half way, we go half way. God can give us his spirit, he can show us what Godly thinking is, He can give us scripture that will be an example of how we think, but this verse puts us to work in basically giving us the responsibility to change our own thinking and to control our own thoughts. God starts the transformation process….then we finish it.

As we go throughout our day, it is up to us to let heaven fill our thoughts and change our humanly thought patterns and the set our mind on Heaven.  We can pray for God to change our thinking, but ultimately it is up to us to work everyday in continually being aware of how God wants us to think. 

Theory of the half-zie…God will give us heavenly thoughts, but it is up to us to continually set our minds on Him.


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