drown out.

My greatest worship experiences haven’t been in a large auditorium, a youth convention, or even a worship concert. It’s not that I haven’t had great worship sessions in those venues, but they just haven’t been the best.  I can honestly say that my favorite and greatest worship experiences have been on the elliptical. Yes…the elliptical.

I have often wondered why I worship “better” during my work outs than any other traditional worship time.  Last night I realized why….

The moments on the elliptical are the only time when I am completely focused on me.

It sounds absurd, especially when talking about the issue of worship, but it truly makes the difference here.

In every other venue, whether it’s church, youth camp or a concert, I am so distracted and focused on everyone and everything else. It’s not that I am deliberately staring at the world around me, but it is difficult for me to 100 percent zone in on just my being.  In even being aware of the presence of things and beings around me, I lose my focus on just myself and God.  My worship can drift so smoothly from awe of God, to deadly comparison of my worth versus the worth of that girl in front of me. 

My time on the elliptical is an instance in the day that is essentially made for just me. It’s a time when I have to focus on just myself, my inner dialog and my own being.  It is a time that I can throw off the day from my shoulders; a time that I can literally turn on my worship music and drown out the world.  I must be a funny sight; having my ipod blasting music with my eyes closed and usually a hand (or both) outstretched by my side.  It’s all about me, and yet in reality it is all about God. 

In those moments of just focusing on myself, I drown out the expectation of the world, the comparison of me versus the world, the issues and problems of the world, and I can finally be at peace with myself.  It is in that moment of peace that I can move beyond myself and turn it all to God.  It is when I throw out the world, close my eyes to what is going on around me that I can think beyond just me and simply focus everything on Him.

Proverbs 4:25 says, “Look straight ahead, and fix your eyes on what lies before you.” 

 Focus your eyes on God.  Throw off anything that is distracting you or holding you back from Him.  Fix your thoughts and feelings on Him.  Drown out the world and its negativity. Drown out unmet expectations, unwanted comparisons and unnecessary problems.  Let your worship be 100 percent about Him.  In every part of the day strive 100 percent to keep Him as your goal and desire.

Drown out the world. Move beyond yourself.  Turn it all to Him.  


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