insurmountable let.

There are periods in life when we hit the valley.  I’m not just referring to the occasional bad hair day, the afternoon that everyone decides to cut you off on the road or even the week that you not only failed a test, but missed class and managed to miss a cell phone payment.

I’m talking about the valley.  The place where a bad hair day seems like a vacation compared to where you are at.   The arena where you are sucked dry of emotion, passion, energy, hope and joy.  It’s a venue that seems void of life.  From that lowest of low,  it seems almost impossible to climb out.

But, what I’d like to focus on here isn’t the valley itself.  It’s the climb; the brutally intense escape from the valley.

What I’ve found to be true is that, especially as women, we like to stay in our valley.  It’s not like we actually enjoy being in the valley itself, but we wrap ourselves in the pity of being at that point and almost want to bathe ourselves in remorse of the “valley situation”.  We like to talk about our valley, explore how the valley makes us feel and then talk about it all over again.   It’s an endless cycle of holding ourselves prisoners to our circumstances.   

What we need to learn is to let ourselves climb out.  The valley seems impossible to defeat.  The circumstances look bigger than us.  But we cannot just breathe in the bad and sulk in the depression.  Often the ability to even let ourselves defeat our circumstances becomes utterly impossible.  Letting ourselves escape our trials, conquer our demons and vanquish over our foes becomes a hugely monumental task, deemed insurmountable by our own inability to let ourselves free.

Scripture leads us past our insurmountable let; or our inability to allow ourselves deliverance from our valley.  Hebrews 12:1 commands that westrip off every weight that slows us down,” and torun with endurance the race that God has set before us.”  Later in verse 12, Hebrews encourages us to take a new grip with your tired hands and stand firm on your shaky legs,”  and tomark out a straight path for you feet.”

These verses bring us to that choice.  The choice to pick ourselves back up.  The choice to push forward.  The choice to take a new grip, to stand firm, to run with strength and power on the path that God is paving before us.  These verses spur us on to renew our strength in the Lord, to form new footing and start the uphill battle with hope, joy and mighty authority from God.

Sure our valley is deep.  Sure our circumstances are horrendous.  But we still hold the choice.  We must choose to let ourselves believe that better times are coming, choose to let ourselves push beyond situations that from the world’s perspective would take us down for the count, and finally let ourselves dig our way out of our valley.   Let yourself conquer your situation.

The ability to defeat your valley doesn’t depend on God’s power, because he is always all powerful.  It depends on you.  Will you let yourself become a mighty conquerer?  The choice is yours.  

Defeat the insurmountable odds.  Let yourself free. 


3 thoughts on “insurmountable let.

  1. I love that you focus on the personal choice and action involved. It IS a climb, but too often we sit at the bottom waiting for someone to carry us up. Surely, Christ gives us the strength, but the steps we must take on our own. Great post!

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