simply complicated.

Jesus says all throughout scripture to “Follow me”.  The phrase is as simple and as complicated as that.

Simple because it only takes two steps to complete the action.
1. Drop what you are doing.
2. Follow Him.

Complicated because its takes two huge steps to complete the action.
1. Drop what you are doing.
2. Follow Him.

When you read about Jesus’ call to his disciples to come follow him, it sounds so smooth and easy. He sees someone he wants as a follower, releases the command and they do it.  Peter and Andrew were in the middle of fishing when Jesus told them to follow him.  The next verse states that they heard the command and literally dropped their nets at that moment and followed him. Matthew was sitting at his tax collecting booth when Jesus told him to follow.  The next verse says, “so Matthew got up and followed him”.

Straightforward and easy…they dropped what they were doing and followed Jesus.

This principle is so easy to follow, and yet it is so difficult for us to practice in our own lives.  Completing just those two steps is so much more than just dropping what we are doing and following Christ.  Often it’s dropping habits, dropping friends, dropping our plans and dreams and sometimes even dropping family.  One of the greatest hindrances in our lives that keeps us from truly following Jesus is our own plan for our future.  We want what we want from life, and we don’t want to sacrifice our plan for God’s plan that we don’t know all the details of.

But what we have to continually remind ourselves of is that God’s plan for our lives is so much better than what we could ever imagine.  Is there pain and are there trials?  Yes, for sure.  You are taking part in an epic battle against Satan in this world, of course there will be some bruises along the way.  If we don’t drop what we are doing, if we don’t step out on faith and simply follow, we will lose out on the greatest opportunity we have ever been presented to us.  Our futures will be greatly lacking because we didn’t take hold of the powerful plan that Christ has for our lives.

Following these two steps are the most painfully simple actions we could ever take, but also require the most sacrifice on our part.  In order to drop what we are doing, we must take out the complications and make it simple for ourselves.  We must put our plans and dreams behind us, and let Jesus lead the way. 

The disciples made the choice to drop it and follow, and I honest to goodness believe that they were so incredibly glad that they did.  They had a part in changing this world for Christ.  They sacrificed their plans and their lives to follow after the one that has control of it all. 

Jesus tells us to follow him. It’s as simple and as complicated as that.  Will you simply drop what you are doing and follow him?  Are you in the process of deliberating whether or not you can drop what you are doing and follow? 

Let me encourage you today, the sacrifice is great, but the gain is worth so much more.

Make it simple.  Drop it all.  Follow Him. 


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