show up.

Every single morning during my senior year of High School I prayed for my fellow classmates.  I was incredibly inspired by a group of teens from another High School who began gathering everyday to pray for a monumental movement for Christ to begin in their school.  After reading about how the few praying students turned into hundreds of praying students, I was captured by the power that prayer has in moving entire generations of people to Christ.  I desperately wanted that for my school.

Therefore, every morning during homeroom I would go to the central part of the school and pray for my classmates.  I shared this vision with our school’s Bible Club. I invited my friends from my Youth Group who went to my school, and I invited my friends, Christian and non to come pray along with me. And yet…every morning….it was just me.  The entire year I was the sole student praying.

Many students would take this “defeat” as a sign that God didn’t show up.  But I honestly don’t believe that it wasn’t God that didn’t show up, it was us.  

God will be present in ventures that honor him and bring glory to his name, He is ready to bless us and grant us favor, He is ready to claim more victories for His Kingdom and bring more people into his loving and healing nature.  The question is, are we present??

Every day there are opportunities to live and love for Christ.  There are people just waiting to hear about the message of hope and love.  There are other Christians who are desperately seeking more Christians for strength, encouragement, and power to start a movement for the glory of God.

But just as easily as those opportunities are presented, they can disappear in a single moment.  If we let them.

The question has never been, does God want to see change, see generations come to Him, see healing, hope and health be completely restored through his name.  The question has always been if we will take part in it.  Will we open our mouths and talk about our faith?  Will we move our hands and feet to do God’s work?  Will we stop making excuses, get up some courage and finally take part in the plans that God has predestined us to take part in?

You see…God wants to start a monumental movement in your school.  In your family.  In your friends.  And in You.  The question remains, will you be a part of it? Will you step out of your comfort zone?  Will you take a leap of faith?  Will you join the God of the Universe to bring glory to His name?  

The misconception is that it takes a monumental force on our part to spark Godly change in our World or that change depends on our smarts, our Godliness and our ability to pray mind blowing prayers.  But it doesn’t. Not in the least bit.  What is simply required is that we show up; that we make ourselves completely and wholly available for God to work.  Open your eyes.  Open your mouth…God will provide the power, the words and the change.  All we have to do is show up.  

God has already and will always show up.  The question is. Will you?


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