an authentic movement.

Authenticity isn’t just about being ourselves.  It’s about having courage to show even our worst selves in order to bring glory to God.  It’s about knowing our power and place in Christ, and having freedom to speak about our mistakes, failures and temptations so that others can be freed as well.

Achieving authenticity or an authentic faith is so much easier said than done.  It is easy to say that we should all open up, expose our deepest selves and then watch to see change happen.  There is a huge amount of intimidation and fear when it comes to divulging our inner most thoughts, experiences and feelings.  There is this paralyzing angst that we will be rejected, judged, shunned, deemed unworthy and unlovable.  This fear is the biggest barrier in living authentically because it ultimately leads to us closing our mouths and not saying a word.

Sad to say, I don’t think that most people fear rejection or judgment from God.  I think our main fear is rejection and judgment from other Christians.

Many Christians say that they are nonjudgmental and unconditionally loving. And most are. But there are some that when they hear about a friend who started partying or a church member that confessed to being an alcoholic, suddenly the tables turn and they turn their backs on the individual.

In order for Christians to live authentically raw lives and to allow their story touch other people’s hearts, we must all be in this together.  It’s a movement really, because if we all aren’t in on this, who will ever open their mouth to be the first?  No one.

We must pursue authentic faith as a community, as a whole group of believers ready to claim their stories without shame and without fear of condemnation, judgment or blame. But we all have to do this together, supporting, encouraging and loving each other unconditionally just as our God does.

It is when we find freedom from fear of rejection and judgment from our brothers and sisters in Christ that we can finally be free to share our stories that God has given us.

We say that God has a plan for our lives and that all things work for His good.  If He is the one crafting that incredible story, why aren’t we sharing it?  When we keep our story bottled up inside we are keeping the world from hearing this amazing story of grace, freedom and joy that the God of the universe has given us.

We must strive to live authentic lives with authentic faith, but first we must all join the movement together.

Don’t let fear of judgment, rejection or disappointment from other people keep you from sharing the words that God has placed in your heart.

You’ve got a God given story.  Share it authentically with passion and confidence in Christ alone.


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