seven day fast.

Today will be my last day online for seven days.  As of midnight tonight I am going on a social media/internet fast until next Tuesday. No twitter, facebook, email or wordpress. 

I am planning on spending time in God’s word and prayer to discover his purpose and next step for my life.  I am getting rid of all distractions so I can fully focus on what God is revealing to me.

My hope is that you can join me in prayer for this next week.  Please pray that my heart would be open to hear what God is telling me.  Pray that his voice would be clear, that I may know what my next step is for this journey that I’m on.  And please pray that I would be filled with his Holy Spirit; with contentment, joy, peace and direction.  

I look forward to the insight, revelation and wisdom that will come from this week.  Thank you so much for your prayers, I will see you all in a week with hopefully new passion and new direction of what God has planned for my life!  


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