birthday blessings.

Today is my 24th birthday. {ugh…i’m getting so old. lol}  I feel a mixture of both excitement and sadness.  I am so excited to be with my family and have an occasion to celebrate all together. {I always try to come up with new fun family activities that we can do to celebrate…I’m not sure what this year will hold..anyone have any ideas??}  I am also a little melancholy about the day; I have never really enjoyed my birthday. {do any of us really?}  Maybe I don’t like the attention, maybe I don’t like getting older…who knows really.  All I know is that I’ve had a lot of rotten things happen to me around or on my birthday, so it kinda stinks that my day has been associated with negative events in my life. However….

I am bound and determined to be positive this year! {please pray for me on this one}

After another year of life, with lessons learned, wisdom gained and experiences had, I am taking today to truly reminisce and reflect upon my 23rd year.  What better way to reflect than to remember everything that I am thankful for?!  To better focus on the positives of this day I have made a list of 24 {in honor of my 24th birthday, of course} blessings in my life that I am so grateful to have.  {they are in no specific order whatsoever, some are serious, some are silly…but hey i’m thankful for them all}

24 blessings for a 24th birthday;

1. my beautiful family; we are all crazy, loud and wacky {maybe because we are “wack-owiaks??” haha}.  the laughs I share with them are completely priceless.

2. my parents’ generosity; everyone knows that it is not the coolest thing to be living at home after undergrad {some  young adults even have to pay rent if they do!} thankfully, my parents have allowed me to stay home rent free and have been so gracious in the time when they should be empty nesters!

3. my incredible fiancé; he has literally pushed me to pursue my dreams and do what God has called me to do.

4. healed relationships; i’ll go into the details another time.  i can say now that God is in the healing and restoration business, and he covers us all in his love.

5. a new little wachowiak; i’m going to be an aunt for the first time ever! come april call me aunt laura!

6. my adorable chocolate labs, madison rose and isabel peyton {yes…my dogs have human names}; it may seem silly, but when no one else understands and you just need someone to listen to you, they are the best friends a girl could ask for. they simply melt my heart.

7. my new church; after a long journey of trying to find a place to belong, I finally feel like I have found it.

8. the journey to find a church; because it has taken so long to find a place where i feel connected, i feel so much more appreciative for what i now have. the journey was long, but so worth it.

9. attending seminary; i never thought that the day would come when i would be fulfilling my dream to be in seminary.  everyday is just a reminder that dreams do come true.

10. new friends; its been a long road to find good Christian women to connect with, and through school and church i have met some truly wonderful {and real!} ladies.

11. refined ministry; my small group of 20 something ladies are absolutely amazing! it is such an honor to be able to do life with them.

12. the Lord’s provision; God has always provided for me through all of my changing life circumstances. that is a testament to God’s power and love.

13. my current job; i simply love serving in restaurants. not only are my co workers hysterical {like pee your pants hysterical!} i also meet the most interesting customers! every night is another adventure.

14. is it weird to be thankful that breaking dawn is premiering in 9 days?? well… i am. enough said.

15. this blog; i consider it a complete blessing to be able to share my story to inspire and encourage people through my experiences.  i thank God everyday for this opportunity.

16. every pain, struggle, trial that i have endured this past year; i am seriously thankful for it all.  without every ounce of pain i wouldn’t be in the wonderful place that i’m at today.

17. new insights and a new heart; at this point in my life i finally feel like my heart is full with God’s love and mercy.  it is an indescribable feeling.

18. coffee, bulk chocolate and moes southwest grill; mmmmm…soo good. thank you Lord for delicious food.

19. i finally found a perfect buttercream recipe; do you know how difficult that is??!! it is literally a God send!

20. God is God, and I am not; i’m thankful that God is in control of everything, i don’t have to worry about my present or future, because he has it all in his hands.

21. g.r.a.c.e; i have made mistakes, but the Lord is so loving and merciful, his sacrifice covers all of them. all i can say is, amen!

22. my freedom; too often we overlook the freedoms we have as americans. we should never forget that men and women risk their lives and futures to ensure our basic freedoms. i don’t think i could ever do what they do for us…they are all heroes who deserve our appreciation.

 23. deferred loans; can i get an amen?? i am sooooo glad i don’t have to think about those for at least another 2 years. woo wee what a relief! {for now at least!}

24. last but not least, a bright and hopeful future; God has some unimaginable opportunities in store.  i cannot express how excited i am to see all that God has prepared!

So after 24 blessings, this 24th birthday is already shaping up to be positive!

Thank you Lord for everything you have provided and everything you have blessed me with. May I live this year to glorify your Holy, Holy name. 


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