the precedent.

Almost this exact day last year I wrote a post about my natural instinct to force God’s plan in my life. {or maybe just nudge God in the right direction…and by that I mean my direction} I wrote about the story of Abraham and his sons, Isaac and Ishmael. {I’m not going to go into the story here…but you can read it here.}  At the time I logically knew the moral of that story.  I knew God’s nature; that everything in life will transpire in His good time and things will happen when He is good and ready to make it happen!  I remember the exact time when I was writing that post; I remember as I studied the passage I felt like God was speaking so audibly to me about the importance of faith in his supreme timing.  I knew I could have that kind of faith and I was eager to be patient for God’s greater blessings. {what an oxymoron…eager to be patient…oh I had so much to learn.}  Even at that time, I knew the truth of God’s character, but I still didn’t have any personal connection to it. {you know…a personal connection like when something epic happens in your life that teaches you a divine truth that literally reshapes the way you view God? yeah, that kind of personal connection}

I have had to trust in God’s plans and timing before.  Well actually, the things I trusted him with were kind of always on a time limit, so in essence, it was trusting in God but not really trusting in his timing.

For example, my undergrad.  I transferred schools midway through my freshman year.  In order to know God’s will for my school choice…financial aid…admission…dorming, etc…I would have had to hear his answers within a certain time frame to meet requirements set by the school.  If the good Lord was going to give me money for my education he had a deadline to make it happen! {well at least that’s what we think}  This kind of “trusting in the Lord’s timing” was faith, but it was a minuscule amount of faith compared to what the Lord wanted me to have.

I could trust him when there was a limited “time frame”, but could I trust when that structure wasn’t there?  Could I trust when I am not pressed for deadlines…when I am literally waiting on God for the next step in life? And could I truly throw out my own desires and plans and simply believe that the God who knows everything about me would formulate and fulfill a holy, perfect design for my life?  I wanted to have that kind of faith desperately.  I wanted to have a faith that was content with where I was at, but also ready to hear God’s word.  A faith that was joyful in the waiting process {why is simply having joy in the process of waiting the. most. difficult. thing. E.V.E.R?} and also at peace about where God would take me.

The hardest part about having this kind of faith was that I had never had to one hundred percent trust in God’s timing before.  There had never been a precedent set in my life where I could think back to that one time when God’s divine fingerprints were all over a given situation and I saw with my own eyes that God’s timing truly was the best {the personal connection}.   I wanted to go to seminary, start a ministry, find a church, start writing books… but those things weren’t in a structured time frame.  They are all on God’s time frame.  I couldn’t say to God…you have to give me an answer to *this* thing by *this* day or else I can’t do *this*.  I had to simply say, I’m waiting for your answer…when you are ready God…when you think I’m ready.

Never would I realize that the very same truth that God opened my eyes to a year ago would be so profoundly proven in my life this year.  Let me show you God’s divine timing fingerprints…

1. On a whim I decided to check out Northeastern Seminary’s informational meeting this past spring. I wasn’t seriously thinking about applying simply because it was located in Rochester and I do not have the funds to move all the way out there!  Lo and behold…this fall was the first semester that they have offered online courses from Buffalo for my degree program.

2. A few weeks prior to starting classes I felt a nudge to try out The Chapel at Crosspoint {a church I always loved…but was way too far from my house to get seriously involved there. aka…I made excuses not to go.}  Funny enough, a woman sat next to me at the NES Orientation who was from Buffalo and was actively part of…The Chapel.  We obviously became attached at the hip. {and i’m telling you..if it weren’t for this lady I am not sure I would have made it out of this semester with all of my hair and sanity!}

3. My new friend {we’ll call her Kay for now…because I’m sure she’ll be included in some posts later on!} was accepted into NES last year…but felt God call her to be patient and wait to start classes this year.

4. Kay is one of the lead directors of a young women’s ministry that just kicked off this semester at The Chapel.  She offered me a role as a small group leader for this brand new ministry.

5. I am so honored and humbled to say that next semester I will be part of the speaking team for that very same ministry!

These things all seem so simple.  But in reality, if any one of those elements were out of God’s perfectly designed time frame, I wouldn’t be where I am today. {and therefore I wouldn’t have those future blessings either}

It was so difficult for me a year ago to trust in God’s schedule for my life.  Now, I can see how his holy fingerprints are literally everywhere. God has displayed his power and glory in my life so that I would have a perfect precedent of faith for my future.

If you are going through that tough stage of faith that I went through {and still go through from time to time, heck I’m not perfect!} where you feel like you are trusting in God, but not his timing….take heart and keep believing.  No matter how big or small you may think your faith is, just keep believing in his holy design.  I can guarantee that he will lay out the most glorious faith precedent you could ever imagine. {I can say that boldly because I have seen it in my own life} God has shown and will continue to show his incredible ability to complete a perfect schedule.  He will always use time on his side, to show off his boundless glory.  May you be encouraged today that while you may think your faith is not big enough, as long as your eyes are on him, God will surely bless that.

God has an infallible, immaculate and impeccable design for your life.  And he alone holds the divine schedule to allow all of that it to take place.

Even today, if you feel like you have been waiting forever for the answer to your prayers, be encouraged because God is setting in motion the flawless elements to make your blessing possible.  If you are like me, and never had to step out with real faith in God’s timing, maybe this is God setting up your faith precedent for your future

Take hope in the future, believing that God is a personal God, who has a distinct plan designed for your life.  Believe that He is continuously working at every moment of the day to place every. single. element. of our lives in its necessary place so that we may take part in the glorious outcome.


One thought on “the precedent.

  1. Laura – as you could probably guess, this post hit home with me, especially now. As I apply for job after job and wait and wait to hear back from interviews, I constantly have to remind myself that, not only does God have a plan for me, He has it timed out too. If I don’t find a job before the baby is born it will be okay because that is part of the plan and I have to trust that He’ll provide in the meantime. You hit the nail on the head when you said that having joy in the waiting process is the. most. difficult. thing. E.V.E.R! So I’m not praying that I’ll get the job I want most and that I’ll get it between now and the middle of January (which would be my ideal), I’m just praying that God reveals his plan to me – whatever and whenever it may be…and that my eyes, ears, and heart, are open to receiving it – whatever and whenever it may be…

    Thanks for these words today – I needed them! xo

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