index card.

Two years ago my life was flipped upside down.  In an emotionally packed series of events, I lost both my church home of 14 years and church family, with my dignity and worth in tow.  I’ve blogged about this experience before, so there is no need to go into the details {you can read about that here}, but today I want focus on the light that got me through it all. 

What I felt compelled to share today was the advice that a woman {who had been part of my church and a close family friend} shared with me that summer, just a few months after the dust cleared.  As we met over coffee at a local Timmy Ho’s, she said that God had been whispering to her heart for quite a while some precious truths that she had to share with me.  She then slid a white index card across the table.  On one side of the card was a verse from Psalm 139, and on the other, 3 powerful truths that only God knew my heart needed to hear.

The interesting thing about these truths is that there are the most basic lessons that a Christian should know.  What was so powerful about these 3 beautiful lines wasn’t their profound teaching, but the timing of my need and the hunger of my heart.  God knew I needed to hear these specific words.  He knew my heart needed to be whispered into and my soul was desperate for love, hope and strength.

Maybe today, you are in a rough place.  Life is just beating down on you. You’ve seen some bad days, and maybe even dead awful days. Maybe you are in a place that your heart needs to be filled with love, hope and strength just like I was.  And maybe, just maybe, these truths will help you too.  Maybe God can whisper gently and lovingly into your soul today.  Maybe he can touch that one vulnerable place in your heart that only you know needs to be touched.

So here are the truths that changed my heart; brought tears to my eyes and reminded me of God’s relentless pursuit after me:

1. God loves you.

2. Don’t think that difficult times are failures.  God is using them to make you who He wants you to be.

3. Don’t give up. 

Like I said, these are the most basic pieces of wisdom, but it is sometimes the most basic truth that is the most difficult for us to lay hold of.

 The wonderful thing about these lines is that they hold lessons that we have to carry throughout our whole life.  I have still kept this index card and glanced at it from time to time because it reminds me everyday of the profound love that God has for me.  It reminds me that even though I may have a day or moment when I feel like a failure, God is using every moment of my life to mold me into his woman.  It reminds me that God is always there, encouraging me and desiring for me to just keep moving forward; no matter how hard the fight or difficult the battle; I cannot give up.  

Today, meditate on what it means for God to actually L.O.V.E. you.  Understand that these hard times are just a season, and God will use this hardship to refine you into a woman after his own heart.  Do.Not.Give.Up. Keep pushing, keeping fighting, remember, nothing is too hard for God, and with him on your side, you have the victory.

Now your turn; what advice has someone given you that spoke to your heart and changed your life?


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