made to be.

I quickly forget who I am made to be.  It’s so easy to become swamped by everything I’m not.  It’s a smooth transition to forget who I am and crave to be someone else.  It’s sometimes effortless to think less of myself and more of what others are. {anyone feel me on this?}

Whether it’s on twitter…in my classes…or even in my bible study, that small little voice slyly creeps in.

“She can write better than you.”

“She is a better speaker than you.”

“She is funnier than you.”

“She is skinnier than you.”

“She is more artsy and creative than you.”

The list of lies goes on.  They seem so petty, so childish, but if we’re honest, I think we play this comparison game in our minds all the time.  We long to be like that other girl.  We long to look like them. Talk like them. Be like them. Even dress 236368680414607837_yvprHrxw_blike them. Even if they’re something that we don’t actually want to be, Satan tricks us into thinking that who that person is is better than who we are.  And so we crave to be like them.

I don’t think the real source of these lies is jealousy though. {while that is a part of it} I think that these lies are really a rejection of ourselves.  It’s a complete misunderstanding of our own worth.  It’s realizing that we don’t fully know and accept our own value in this world…in His kingdom.  When we can’t grasp the immense importance that we have in God’s eyes, in his eternal plans, we will never be satisfied with who we are. 

Because the truth is, we are beyond valuable.  We are daughters of God.  We are his heirs with his spirit placed within us.  And we are made for a specific purpose.  Ultimately, there is something that you and I have to say that someone else can’t.  There is something that we have to do that someone else can’t.  We each have a story that is unique, that is crafted for a higher purpose.   Our personalities, our likes and dislikes, our upbringing, our past, our struggles, our passions, our gifting, our talents, our experiences….they all come together to form a perfect blend of you, to be used for a specific purpose at a specific time for a specific group of people.  You have a story to tell that someone else doesn’t have.  You have a mix of talents and passions that someone else doesn’t possess.  God’s plan is made with a place that you fit into.  There are people in this world that you are meant to reach; people who need to hear your story, who can relate to who you are, who are living in the same circumstances as you, who have the same passions and abilities that are in your heart. 

Every time we try to trade in an ounce of who we are to be like someone else, we are jading the edges of our own puzzle pieces that were meant to fit in to His master picture.  Everything about us has purpose.  There is something that God intends for each of us to do in his creation to spread his love and extend his grace; and every moment I spend longing to be someone else is a moment I waste rejecting who God has made me to be.  It’s a moment lost that should have used what God has created me to be to show grace to a hurting world.  

Once we start believing in the truth of who we are, Satan’s lies no longer hold power, they no longer carry any weight in our 239042692692928387_ZmgbLttG_bminds.  And so jealousy subsides, and self-rejection fades away.  We are left only with a powerful realization that who I am matters, I am made perfectly to be used in a unique way that only I can be used.  You can’t do the job that I was created to do.  And I can’t do the job that you were created to do.

I will focus my energy, my thoughts and my time on discovering more about who God has made me to be…why I think the way I do, what I love, what sets my heart on fire, what gets me up in the morning, what I’m good at…because my creator placed all those things inside me for a reason.  And I will live my life to use everything that I am to bring all the glory to him who made it all. 


4 thoughts on “made to be.

    • Sorry Cory!! I suppose my heart always goes back to young women, so I tend to write for them! My apologies for leaving out the male population! :)

  1. I really liked this post, Laura! I am CONSTANTLY comparing myself to others…this is a good reminder for me, something I needed to hear! ~Carly

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