my heartbeat.

my heart belongs to this generation of girls.

my story; I have been a Christian my entire life. While growing up, I went to Church every Sunday and Youth Group every week.  I know what it’s like to be a girl of faith while attending a public school. It can be a lonely journey; with few Christian women to look up to and few Christian friends to help you through.  I have known what it’s like to be mocked and humiliated for my faith.  I know what it’s like to be in love with Jesus, but not have anyone to show me how to live that out in a practical way.  I know what it’s like to have my faith challenged by friends, boyfriends and parents. I have felt hopeless, lost, rejected, unworthy, unloved and alone.

But even more than that, because of His love, acceptance and purpose for my life, I have lauraendured through those trials and hardships to be the woman of Christ that I am created to be.  God has given my life purpose with a vision to live out.  I live my life to glorify His name, and I live to love for His kingdom.

my passion; To give the girls of this generation a role model to look up to, a friend to confide in and a leader to guide them along the way.  I hope to encourage girls of this generation, to love them with God’s love and to inspire them to live the lives that Christ has called them to live.

my mission; To teach girls God’s truth. The truth that God loves us exactly as we are and we can love ourselves with that same perfect love.  The “failures” and “mistakes” that we are ashamed of actually change us into the women he wants us to be,to bring light into the world around us.   We can rise above the expectations that the world has on us to act, speak and live a certain way.  God has a vision for each and every one of us; a purpose for our gifts, talents and passions.  We will face opposition, trials and let downs, but we can persevere to pursue God’s purpose.  If we live in that truth and love for His name, we will bring Heaven to earth and build His kingdom.

my prayer; That young women will stand strong against the lies of this world; that you aren’t good enough, pretty flipenough, skinny enough or talented enough.  That girls will love themselves as God does, see their “failures” and “mistakes” as part of God’s plan and will remain true to how the Bible calls us to live.  Above all, that young ladies will take hold of their mission and passion from God. That each and every girl will find their place in God’s love and follow Him with every ounce of themselves.



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